Monday, December 12, 2011

Tis the season to be jolly…

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

So much has been happening in our house lately. I’ve completed a few projects over the past few weeks, and even managed to photograph some of them! As I write this my house smells like paint, my amazing husband has been busy painting our kitchen cupboard doors and our new kitchen benches are sitting out in the garage ready to be installed once the doors are all done. I can’t wait to see the finished result and the pressure is on, as we have my family over here for early Christmas lunch this Saturday!

First things first, Mr-almost 3 turned 3!!

(This is his cake, yes it's a Coles cake revamped LOL... it's Luigi and Guido from Cars next to their Leaning Tower of Tyres)

I made some birthday bunting too to help celebrate……

I’ve made some Christmas bunting to go above the window nook the tree sits in………

I made 6 kindy teacher presents. I love giving gifts made in jars, as there is no wrapping which means it’s environmentally savvy! Also, the fabric square, ribbon and jar can be reused (or the jar can be recycled).

Our big son graduated kindy…

And my Hubby graduated with is graduate diploma – half way to his masters degree!

I also made gingerbread for the first time I can remember. It was a simple recipe I found here

My mum came and guided me in finishing this gift for my nephew:

And somewhere in all of this we found time to go and visit my sister in law, her husband and 2 children who are visiting from England. I’ve been mindful to not be too busy as I am pregnant this Christmas and have to have some limitations. Don’t get me wrong… I’m no super Mum. I still have presents to buy. I have to go and do a truckload of grocery shopping. As I write this my kids are perched in front of
Sesame Street
. My kitchen doors are all over my house drying and last night we had takeaway. I’ve been challenged this Christmas to just enjoy the journey. Things will get done. Making memories is more important, and taking the time to do that. Some of our traditions in our house include:

-          everyone helping to set up the tree on December 1. Hubby lifts the boys up to put the star on the top.

-A more recent tradition is putting up some Christmas lights outside.

 - This year both sides of the family are doing secret santa for the adults.

-           a new ornament for each child each year to symbolise something which happened during the year. This year each boy got an ornament to remember our big road trip in March/April.

-          Seeing family and celebrating together. Both sides of the family are very understanding with the juggle.

-          Some sort of Christmas baking – this year it has been gingerbread men and fruit cake. I’m sure there will be some more to come – however my kitchen will have to be ready for that to happen.

-          And I’m there are more I’m not thinking of right now……

Merry Christmas everyone! Remember the real reason for the season is Jesus. Happy celebrating, I hope it’s a joyous time!