Monday, October 24, 2011

On the weekend we drove to Caloundra (about an hour and half drive) for the boys to go to the Wiggles concert with their uncle. They were very excited to go, and I was excited for them too. On the way up there, I realised that I had (yes, it was my fault) forgotten to pack the camera. So, there are photos but on Uncle Jon's camera. They were delighted that the Big Red Car was there, and Mr-almost-3 was very happy that Dorothy the Dinosaur was there too. Mr. 4 is walking around pretending to sleepwalk, because that's what Jeff did.

While the boys were at the Wiggles concert, Pete and I managed to sneak a date (!!)... we headed to the markets and fell in love with the most charming toy shop in Caloundra. We spent at least an hour in there browsing and looking for a present for Mr-almost-3's third birthday coming soon. I absolutely adore children's books. While I was at university (studying early childhood education) we had so many classes on literacy and I loved it. So while at the toyshop, we found a book titled 'There's a house inside my Mummy' about pregnancy. The boys love it!
Front Cover

This coming weekend Mum is coming over to do some sewing with me. Yay! I have so many half finished projects and so many to begin, so hopefully I'll be blogging about that after the weekend :)

Also, I have been feeling movement from the baby :)!! Hooray!

Hope all is good in your world!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

crazy weather

Thursday 20 October 2011

It's spring here and over the past few weeks we have had some incredible storms. One Saturday we even had two storms in one day - one to wake us up and one to send us to bed!! Here are some pictures:

This is the hail that fell last Saturday. Both our boys slept through it!! In other parts of our state the hail was close to golf-ball sized. Fortunately, not for us this time.

Today is clouding over again. I know some people think the weather is a bit of a bland topic, I find it interesting. It is something we all have in common.

Also, we have some very big news! In April 2012 we will welcome a new member to our family. We are 14 weeks pregnant :) What a blessing! We had a scan on Tuesday and the baby is very well and growing nicely. He or she was in there happily wiggling away showing us all the movements... what a delight! It hasn't been an easy journey for us to get here and I am very very thankful anf grateful.

What has the weather been doing at your place? What are you thankful for?
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outside play and other things...

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Our eldest son, Mr. 4 loves to engage in play based activities, and he often bases these on things he has seen on TV. More often than not, its from Playschool. Yesterday, he was asking me to help him draw an Ambulance, but he wanted to sit in it. I admit, I was a bit stumped with the idea of drawing an ambulance, but then he wanted to sit in it and drive it ?! Drawing on every creative preschool teacher cell in my body we came up with this:

You mightn't be able to see but they have fabric scraps for seatbelts, attached to their chairs with a peg. The ambulance is outlined in chalk, and Mr. 4's steering wheel is the lid of the bucket that holds their toy cars.

This is the view from behind. Notice the red bucket for the 'ambulance light' and the red crosses Mr. 4 insisted I draw. He also decided that the ambulance needed doors at the back for the patients. All in all a very nice morning spent in the back yard!

My sewing funk continues some what. My Christmas stress continues, the thought of it sneaking up on us..... What I SHOULD do is get my bottom into gear and get out of said sewing funk and make some Christmas gifts. I have the ideas..... oh boy... do I have the ideas. It's just the motivation. I did find the time to finish this off though.

 The beauty is.. he's not meant to be perfect!! He is based on Hoot (from Giggle and Hoot - if you don't know, just Google it LOL).I thought I would attach it to one of the boys plain shirts. Any suggestions as to how? I would love to just iron it on if I could - would that work? Someone out there, leave a comment and help me out! (my sewing guru in still in the states by the way).....

Also, I had to share these with you. First of all, my amazing box of retro fabric (including the box!) for $10 - once again from the Recycle Mart!/TheRubbishRemovers.

Here are some of my favourites from the box:

Next is my amazing Pyrex dish which I paid a whole dollar for. I could be developing a Pyrex fetish.....

My great tin for $2. I love the flowers.

And last is one of my most delightful finds. A wooden apple. It cost $1!! (Thanks Salvos!!)

What creative things have you been up to? Let me know....
Have a great week,
Dansie :)