Monday, October 24, 2011

On the weekend we drove to Caloundra (about an hour and half drive) for the boys to go to the Wiggles concert with their uncle. They were very excited to go, and I was excited for them too. On the way up there, I realised that I had (yes, it was my fault) forgotten to pack the camera. So, there are photos but on Uncle Jon's camera. They were delighted that the Big Red Car was there, and Mr-almost-3 was very happy that Dorothy the Dinosaur was there too. Mr. 4 is walking around pretending to sleepwalk, because that's what Jeff did.

While the boys were at the Wiggles concert, Pete and I managed to sneak a date (!!)... we headed to the markets and fell in love with the most charming toy shop in Caloundra. We spent at least an hour in there browsing and looking for a present for Mr-almost-3's third birthday coming soon. I absolutely adore children's books. While I was at university (studying early childhood education) we had so many classes on literacy and I loved it. So while at the toyshop, we found a book titled 'There's a house inside my Mummy' about pregnancy. The boys love it!
Front Cover

This coming weekend Mum is coming over to do some sewing with me. Yay! I have so many half finished projects and so many to begin, so hopefully I'll be blogging about that after the weekend :)

Also, I have been feeling movement from the baby :)!! Hooray!

Hope all is good in your world!

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