Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Outside play and other things...

Wednesday 5 October 2011

Our eldest son, Mr. 4 loves to engage in play based activities, and he often bases these on things he has seen on TV. More often than not, its from Playschool. Yesterday, he was asking me to help him draw an Ambulance, but he wanted to sit in it. I admit, I was a bit stumped with the idea of drawing an ambulance, but then he wanted to sit in it and drive it ?! Drawing on every creative preschool teacher cell in my body we came up with this:

You mightn't be able to see but they have fabric scraps for seatbelts, attached to their chairs with a peg. The ambulance is outlined in chalk, and Mr. 4's steering wheel is the lid of the bucket that holds their toy cars.

This is the view from behind. Notice the red bucket for the 'ambulance light' and the red crosses Mr. 4 insisted I draw. He also decided that the ambulance needed doors at the back for the patients. All in all a very nice morning spent in the back yard!

My sewing funk continues some what. My Christmas stress continues, the thought of it sneaking up on us..... What I SHOULD do is get my bottom into gear and get out of said sewing funk and make some Christmas gifts. I have the ideas..... oh boy... do I have the ideas. It's just the motivation. I did find the time to finish this off though.

 The beauty is.. he's not meant to be perfect!! He is based on Hoot (from Giggle and Hoot - if you don't know, just Google it LOL).I thought I would attach it to one of the boys plain shirts. Any suggestions as to how? I would love to just iron it on if I could - would that work? Someone out there, leave a comment and help me out! (my sewing guru in still in the states by the way).....

Also, I had to share these with you. First of all, my amazing box of retro fabric (including the box!) for $10 - once again from the Recycle Mart http://www.facebook.com/#!/TheRubbishRemovers.

Here are some of my favourites from the box:

Next is my amazing Pyrex dish which I paid a whole dollar for. I could be developing a Pyrex fetish.....

My great tin for $2. I love the flowers.

And last is one of my most delightful finds. A wooden apple. It cost $1!! (Thanks Salvos!!)

What creative things have you been up to? Let me know....
Have a great week,
Dansie :)

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  1. Hi Dansie! Loving the creativity and op-shop bargains. Yes, ironing on Hoot should work just fine, you'll need Vliesofix which you can get from Spotlight. With the rough side (the glue) facing up, pin Hoot to a corner, facing up, ensuring he fits completely on. Then, trace around him with a pencil and cut out. Flip him over so you're looking at the smooth side of the paper, and iron/press it on - you'll need the iron pretty warm, & take care not to let it stick to your ironing board! When it's stuck to Hoot, peel away the paper to expose the glue. Then position him on the T'shirt, and iron again. You might need to iron from the inside of the tee - the heat from the iron probably won't reach through the felt to heat the glue enough to stick.
    I'd also recommend a row of stitching just inside Hoot's outside edges, or a zig-zag around the outside, whichever you think would look best - the Vliesofix might not hold the corners down properly after a few washes.
    Happy DIY Iron-Ons! Would love to see pics (& you're welcome to use this info to write a blog tutorial!)