Thursday, November 3, 2011

Simple Play Ideas 1

Friday 4 November 2011

One of my dear friends became a Mum for the first time this week (yay!). I was talking to her a little while ago about playdough. She told me I should blog a recipe and some ideas to extend playdough play. In honour of her entering Mummyhood, I've decided to do a series of 'simple play ideas.' My definition of a simple play idea involved engaging with your child using cheap, everyday household items.

The first idea I will share with you is something that Mr-almost-3 loved when I tried it with him. You will need a bucket or empty icecream container and some clothes pegs. The goal is for your child to place the pegs around the edge of the bucket. We sorted ours into colours also.

This activity is brilliant for developing fine motor skills, categorising/classifying/sorting skills and colour recognition, as well as an abundance of mathematical skills (counting, one-to-one recognition), and cognitive development which comes through process (pick up the peg, squeeze the peg, place the peg on the bucket, repeat). While undertaking this activity here are some questions/interactions to help you engage with your child
1. What colour is your peg? Where are the other pegs the same colour?
2. How many pegs are the same colour as the peg you've got?
3. Show me how you squeeze the peg....
4. Where does that peg go?
5. Tell me what other coloured pegs you can see?

I like the concentration on his face in this picture! Mr-almost-3 sat at this activity for about 20 minutes or so, and even asked for more pegs.

Here is the finished product:
(That's some impressive pegging!)

What simple activities do you like to involve your children in? I'd love to hear what and how you do it.....
Have a great day!

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