Saturday, January 14, 2012

Growing up and counting down.....

The countdown is on. Mr 4 is starting school in eight days. The shoes have been purchased, books on list are done, shorts and hats are ready to be washed... all we need are school shirts and a back pack. He is so excited, so enthusiastic. We started a countdown on the fridge. Mr 3 was feeling a bit left out, so we started one today for when he begins kindy. He was so excited and I was feeling so weary, that we stuck tomorrows stickers on today - woops!

How do I feel about him starting school? I know it is a part of growing up. I feel like I have done all I can to teach him up to this point. I know he will cope fine. But... I also feel a bit sad that my full time at home with him has come to an end. I feel like I need to squash as much as I can into the next week (except I have full on uni intensive this whole week, which saddens me too.) It will be a great chance for Mr 4 to spend some wonderful days playing with his little brother, and having time with Daddy too. Add to these feelings my pregnancy hormones and I'll probably cry.... after saying goodbye to him with a huge smile. It will be quiet at home without him though.

I guess it's all part of him growing up and in a way it's a part of growing up for me too. Growing into what will become the norm over the next 13 years or so, growing into being Mum to a growing family. I have been reminding myself that every other prep mum out there will probably be feeling exactly the same way.

If you have kids starting prep this year, let me know how you feel.

Have a good week!

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