Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recent second hand finds

Last Saturday my sons and I headed down to the Recycle Mart to have a bit of a browse to see what we could find. While my boys had a great time checking out all the toys, here are my finds:
First of all was this fantastically retro orange bowl:

Next was the scales. I simply adore these. My old kitchen scales died long ago... I love the look of the black face with the white print. They work perfectly fine, and the print on the scales says they were made in the Peoples Republic of Ireland.

A few weeks ago I found four large glass jars op shopping (thrifting) elsewhere.... but two of the glass jars were identical to this one:

Brilliant for pasta or flour in the pantry!! Whilst hunting I also found this:

Embroidery thread and an assortment of ribbon. And finally....

"Meh... its rusty!" I hear you say. Yes.. it is! But very perfect for the boys sandpit. The creative play in the sandpit this week has increased dramatically, with lots of birthday cupcakes being 'baked' and many rousing renditions of 'happy birthday to you' being sung.
Oh. I forgot to mention. All of this for $5. Bargain!!
This time I shopped at The Recycle Mart, at Underwood (behind Top Tiles). Open Saturdays 8am-2pm.!/TheRubbishRemovers

One mans trash really is another mans treasure.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

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  1. i love great opshop bargains..and getting wacky things for friends. ill show you my pig sugar day