Sunday, September 4, 2011

Whats new....

5th September 2011

Phew! Its been a while.....

So here's whats been happening at our house lately:

  • I've been slooooowly sewing these gorgeous baby cubes for a few friends who have had or are having babies. You can see them here. I'm using wonderfully mismatched fabric and they look good so far!

  • I went to prep information morning this morning because next year our eldest son starts school!!!!! All of a sudden I find myself looking in classrooms and chatting to the principal.

  • Last week marked 5 years since we left to go and live in China for a year. Where has that time gone? It was a wonderful year and we made many life long friends. Our time in China was very special for many reasons including falling pregnant, being pregnant and having our eldest son there.

  • Sunday was Fathers day, Pete had a wonderful day with many presents :) We were at Caloundra with my parents in law for a visit, and we also managed to get a date day too while they baby sat.

  • Iam truly blessed with the most incredible Dad..... Here's an old pic of my sisters and I with Dad.

Spring has begun, our garden is looking wonderful. All of our fruit trees are will be interesting to see if we get any fruit. The weather is divine, I love September, its seriously my favourite month. Not too warm, not too cool.... and a sign of the heat of summer coming!! :) I can't wait!!

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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  1. Congrats on the new blog Dansie. You have won the tutu skirt on my blog! Send me your addy so I can mail it to you.