Sunday, August 21, 2011

When life gives you lemons....

Monday, 22 August 2011

... Make Lemonade!

Mr. 4 was watching Playschool a few days ago and they were making lemonade. He asked me if we could make some. After saying yes, I began kicking myself that I hadn't paid more attention to the recipe they used on Playschool. I did watch enough to realise they used lemons, water and sugar - I just wasn't sure of the quantities. So I made a recipe:

6 Lemons
Approximately 2.5 cups of white or castor sugar
Water - I used approximately 6-8 cups and half of it was hot water to dissolve the sugar. Mix in the hot water bit by bit so it doesn't crack your glass jug you are mixing it in :)
Place in the fridge to cool down and then drink it!!

We will be drinking it tonight when we have guests over for dinner. It tastes tangy and delicious!

Thanks to my two helpers - Mr 2 and Mr.4!! Mister 4 lost interest, so Mr. 2 ended up helping me squeeze the six lemons and stir in the water and sugar.

Also, this is my favourite new tablecloth - an acquired second hand find!!!

Have a wonderful Monday!

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