Monday, August 15, 2011

Because that's how I roll.....

We have been having the most glorious weather recently - Spring is on its way!! Yeeeha!!

So a few weeks ago there was a birthday for my niece (I have truckloads of nieces and nephews.... 7 nephews and 4 neices I think...) so I decided to make a crayon roll. As a total beginner sewer who is willing to learn I found a tutorial and recruited Mum for some help. I'd made a practice crayon roll (the guinea pig) and made a few simple (and dumb) mistakes, which I learned from.

I used a tutorial from Skip to my Lou which you can find here but I did make a few variations (no ric rac etc)

The retro print fabric I mooched off my Grandma years ago (Thanks GG!) and the turquoise fabric was in the bargain bin at Spotlight... the crayons were also on sale at Spotlight! Dadaaa!
Because that's how I roll!

Have a great day!

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