Friday, February 10, 2012

zippedy dooo dah!

Lately I've been feeling quite a bit more confident in my sewing abilities.
I thought I'd venture out... and try something with a zip. Yes people... that's right! Not that terrifying once you do it!!

I found a tutorial online and got sewing. I had all the materials minus the zip which only cost me a couple of dollars - yay! The tutorial I used is here. I was also pretty proud of myself for sewing something which required lining. I'm glad I took the time and effort because I think it looks pretty good!!

I even added a little yo yo flower to the front, because I thought it would look good! My my... we are getting fancy now aren't we ?
I did try to sew the flower on so the stitching was hidden, but after a few failed attempts... I decided to use red thread and just make the stitching obvious. I did my best to make it as neat as I could.

(Please ignore the scabby looking edge of the table... it's a work table we moved inside, I'm quite enjoying the extra table space however it will have to go back outside soon!)

Also... I picked up the pillowcase (which the zippered pouch is sitting on) today whilst mooching around the Recycle Mart. I plan on chopping it up to make something.... knowing me it will probably be more bunting!

Things with Pretzel are going well, in my 30th week along now. I think the time goes faster when you aren't the pregnant one LOL. Also, I found out I have gestational diabetes which I'm learning to live with and have to test my blood sugar four times daily. Mr. 4 who is fascinated with all things hospital/doctor/ambulance finds it very interesting.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Bummer about the diabetes! Glad other things are going well...and well done with the zip! :-) Al xx

  2. *squeal* ... that's my pouch!!! I love it so much :D How special :D You are such an incredibly talented woman :D Bless you HEAPS xo Lis